Saturday, October 03, 2009

My latest song – Kangal Irandal

I was totally busy in my project work, that too it was a data migration for all the integration applications. i got a invite from my avanade team to sing a song in the cultural day organized inside office campus. when i check the dates, it too much awkward. its my project release date the event was planned.

i said, i will not be able to perform since i need to be in office the day before for my work.

and finally i was able to compromise them saying, if my work got extended on the event day morning, then i dont have to participate rather be staying in home after a biggy day/night in office.

Days went, i wasn’t even practising for the song. my female voice partner was insisting me to do a minimal practice despite we are going to sing or not.

two days before start of the event, i for the sake of organizers choice, went for a practice. though this song is so familiar for my voice, it owled at the start.

and repeating for second time, i made somewhat comfortable and delivered a OK kind of modulation.

everyone over there was in a state of acceptance!!!.. it makes me to grasp!!!

later i went back to my work. and again working for staging releases 1, 2…

staging release 2: once doing the release we got some news saying, we are postponing our prod release for next week..

“wow.. its good. we have ample amount of time not only for testing in staging. but i also have the opportunity to sing my song for the event which was scheduled for next day!!!”

Then comes the Sunday, the day of the event.

I was collecting the karaoke music for the song, since my female voice partner said she has to come from long distance, she can’t get the music. and eventually the task of getting the karaoke fall on my head…

i was heading into my home PC to surfing the entire web. downloading hell lot of free tools for karaoke music but everything goofed up…

i was totally out of mood since all the tools produced hell of the background music.

then one thing gave me the confidence that i initially prepared a karaoke music which was not of good quality. but now i find that’s my god’s help which is much better than the one i tried now.!!!

i copied that in my usb and started to office. Asked my family to come with my brother-in-law.

i went office and handover the usb to the DJ who then copied it his laptop.

everything got set for the event. and the event also started with few dances, and other mock shows.

then my turn comes up. host people called my name and female voice partner name for our kangal irandal song.

we went to the stage and holded the microphone each on their hands…

and now you see how it was performed by us below.


and if you find this song interesting do drop me your comments. i highly take it as a feedback to further improvise my voice!!!

Love & Signing off,



Balaji said...

nice attempt shanth...but it would have been better had u stayed in place instead of dancing around :)
and your voice modulation was good, tune was good but shd hav been a bit louder...anyways keep it up

Shanth said...

haha.. thanks balaji !!!

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