Sunday, April 05, 2009

Wasn’t a bad story. Perhaps…!!!

blue mountain... animals creeps. uhhh.. ooohhh..yehhh..awwwkkk...
it was raining out in the forest. my own hut alone played some music amidst... Vagamon hills

i just came near my window to close it to stay out of rain drizzles coming in. baddy sound when i about to pull the window towards inner. i managed to close the top left door. when i about to pull and jiggle the lock, i saw an image fully wet up and was looking for some destiny temporarily not exactly...
i went out and asked "hey, who r u?? what were u doin over here?"
she said "i m asha. i came with my friends.". i stopped her and said " first come in. dont wish to stand in rain."
when she get closer n closer, i could able to see her full face. which i never dreamt(ofcourse, i dream a little)
my music systems pops up the "Westlife-My love.."
i asked to change her wet clothes by letting in a room.
my westlife gets completed and replayed again..i was just wondering..(ohh..i set the Repeat One option...)
she came out with my jean and t-shirt. oh that better suits her, i felt.
we were in the dining table. she sat opposite to me. lovely cheeks, featherly hands. the spark light eyes. half bit rosy lips.
yes, she is gorgeous. but, havent expresed my melt on felt- feelings.
asha.. i have few roties and murg masala. are u okay with non-veg?
i served for myself and pushed up the roti and masala pan.
"i m asha.."
i know.. take ur dinner first, we have some more hours to get to know.
a fancy giggling. cheeks sighted..
blue mountain starts breezing after two hours of heavy rain. yes, i felt the taste of smell...infact, i love that from childhood.

“You cook so good and itz tasty too” said asha..

“yeah you havent had the chance to taste it when i started cooking first”. “duh, even i dont like myself”.
we had the dinner and settled up somewhat comfortably in sofa.(oops i was sitting bit farther than the sofa in my quilt")

“thanks karthik” asha mumbled.. “i desperately have no idea i would be safer as now”

“why wat happen to you” i softed her.

Mosquito coil starts rolling background when she started her biggy yet scrummy flashback….

“i m doing my second year BSc Maths in K.S. Arts & Science college, urban place near Coimbatore. Its a co-ed college. Our college arranged a tour de forest trip to this place. Initially we were not okay for this place , later we are convinced by our mates to come here.

We started happily in train journey. that was so good of anything when you travel in train for such kind of tours..”

“Yeah, i know. i too experienced” i said. (For skeptical, pls check my below blog on Yercaud hills outing)

She continued…

“we all gathered in the coimbatore railway station. i was wearing green salwars and white kaameez with green dupatta. my mom says i look gorgeous especially in that”

“Oops.. you are too gorgeous now in my jean n t-shirt as well” i was about to say but i resisted my words which is on the way from my throat…

“Gayathri aka ‘gayu’ and kavitha aka ‘kavi’ my best pals from my college who joins me in the station. we three are so popularly called as glitzy by everyone in college”

“what the hack she is coming to say. i m more fascinated about asha.. but she boring up gayu , kavi.. heckless !!!”

“we were totally 45 students from our class started the journey. i normally have a limited friendship with guys in my class, but i throw away all my sorrows and grab the happiness with my glitzy gals. so, i never needed a guy to give up his shoulder so far in my life…”

“Wow.. actually ..i.. i..i was..just expecting this from you…” i never said this but my mind and heart spindled up..

“Our train came and we rantingly got into it in our coach S8. luckily or dont know, glitzy gals got seats in same compartment. there were also others gals(15 more) in my class. our teachers purposefully filled up all the students in one single compartment and we had utmost joy playing cards, snacks, lot of jokes.. awesome. we had antakshari’s and word game.. a lot. train started and we were still continuing the games and enjoyments till 1 pm and our teachers asked us to leave to sleep. ”

“No human in the world will restless at 1pm..i would have boozed and went up to my upper berth if it were ours”

“I always have the habit of going to restroom before going to sleep. so, i took kavi with me for companion and asked her to wait out and i let in. i just came after sometime the restroom, i found kavi was nt there. i thought she would have just went back to sleep since she is bit tired. i then adjusted my hair near the wash mirror.. and my classmate vinoth called me “asha.. how things going?. you had your dinner? tell me if you need any soft drinks or water. i will get anything for you!.”

“Thanks vinoth. we had suffice things with us.” asha replied.

“Oh.oh. ok asha. can you give me 5 mins. i need to talk to you.. personally!” vinoth said.

“Personally.. that too.. with me, huh?” asked asha.

“Yeah. i had this in my mind for long time. but i felt bit nervours to open up with you so long…”

“whats that vinoth? anything related to subject? especially our Analytical Maths? (Since she is university topper in analytical mathematics)” she replied back.

“she is pure numb. no one either discuss a subject with gal especially i wont even with my boy friends that too with a gal. nopes,, noway.. how scriptic she thought of this.. my strings may get tough.seems. though ;). hmm!!!”

“No asha. itz not subject matter. its my personal end. sorry, our personal end. i dont know whether you ever had the feeling as what i have with you or not. nowadays, i attend the classes for no reason except to see you, thereby my heart lives for eight hour a day of 24…” vinoth restrained politely.

“i feel like i m in love with you. i was looking for an oppurtunity to bestow my love to you. seriously, i m in love with you!. Pls accept my love. i would go No, if you say No

“Hey wat a rhythmic proposal.. may be i need to use.. lets see, rhythmic got sucked or fucked” i thought…

“So, what have you replied back to vinoth” i asked..

“I feel like shattering him(itz vinoth).” she replied.

“How dare he propose. i never even spoke to him a word in the college on any personal front. neither me went and spoke with him on subject wise. he use to come and ask certain doubts in mathematics. i remember hardly i answered him his questions 3 to 4 times in my two years of college so far…and not even spoke!” she replied me.

“ so, what have you replied to vinoth?”i asked her.

“I clearly told him. Look vinoth, i dont beleive in love. my only interest & ambition is to study well and get placed in very good company. i dont want my interest scattering through this useless things. i dont like you first of all. pls change yourself and concentrate on your studies. go to your goals, look after your parents and come up in life. lot of gals will come behind you.. look after your studies is at all what i can say. good night.”she replied vinoth.

“Oh my god. this gorgeous dont love this LOVE et all. then my string is gonna be heck-O-hick.. Ahh.. i m not a college student either. i m a software engineer.. may be she will like me to l-o-v-e utah!!

“Oh.. you are so ridiculous. you shouldn’t have explicitly killed a boy’s heartly love. you should have said in a much better way.. bit of softy spice addingly..” i owed her.

“No karthik. these guyz should be treated in this way only, otherwise he keep coming behind and disturbing me and also he kept disturbed, thats the reason i want to cut short him on the spot.” replied asha.

“Ok cool madam.. so generous gal !!” i remarked her. “Then wat happen?”

“Later i left the place and go bedded in my berth. kavi and gayu was waiting and asked me ‘such a long resty to you?? both giggled up! ’. i just told them what had happened to her with vinoth. they felt so awkward because of vinoth and they conveyed me and we started sleeping” asha said.

“It was so cold early morning when train reaps near Vagamon hills…. Our teachers woke up all and asked everyone to get ready to get down… kavi and gayu woke me once they got ready brushing up and washing up their sleepy face. i then woke and brushed up and washed up my face. i thought of having a coffee and kavi got me a cup of coffee..i wore my woolen jacket to refrain the coldness

“Its already 1pm in this beverly vagamon hills.. i would have tempted to have my red wine 2 pegs and slept two hours back. but asha creeping me her story amidst this damn chill cold. i ouch of saying, but i loved her snowy cheeks and rosy lips and she owls her hand often into her hair that creeps me…”

“We then got down from train we all went to reach out of the railway station. Karthik.. did u felt the freshness of damn cool breeze at early morning 5am?” she asked me.

“Madam. i kinda do it everyday when i woke for an early morning walk in this woods.” i whispered.

“Wow.. great. you woke up so early in the chill hill woods?”she asked.

“i just hmm..ed”

“we then got into a Vagamon Travels Air bus. a video coach. couple of my north indian classmates have brought some hindi fast numbers.. music owls himesh reshammiya’s jhalak dhikla aaja number.. basically north indian pals never get tired and they continue the rap-o-songs non-chantly…”

“We then had a coffee break in a tea shop on the way to the hills.. kavi hinged my shoulder that vinoth was just craving on you. i replied kavi, dont bother about any heckless things!!”

“I need to meet vinoth how does he craved on you?? ;)” i interrupted her cockyly.

“Hey.. C mon.. karthik…” she smirked..

“Actually i wanted to meet vinoth for his descriptive failures, so that i wont be doing that rather straight away succeed.. :D”

"Then we reached the vagamon hills. I least bothered about vinoth and I have told Kavi the same."

"i started wondering this place. Its so peacy, colorful. So natured. For our glitzy gals, we got a double bedroom for us. You know how much you enjoy with friends"

"how do I know asha. I never met them both either, otherwise I would have...", i said

"hey naughty. I meant the joyous happiness when I was with them."

"i know. I just kidded. ;)", i said

"it was saturday morning. Gayu used to do some pooja on every saturdays, though on tour too. We have to bear those stuffs as well."

"then we all had the breakfast and got ready for the site seeing. Usually boys rap up with trekking shoes, we also roped up with shoes, as we had been specifically asked so by my teachers."

"we then started in our vans respectively. There were two vans arranged for site seeing. We got into green colored traveller. To so differently vinoth got into the greeny traveller.

"Oh, what wrongs in that... He might not got the seat in other van", I said..

"yeah, that's what Kavi told me. However I neither worried what he does and how he comes.", asha replied..

"after seeing couple of sites locations, we took a rest for refreshment. I had some cool drinks. And we then started back for site seeing. When I was about to get into the van vinoth came near me and asked 'could you please spare 5 mins?' "

"i asked why? And I also told him I m not going to talk with him even for 1 second. Saying that I got back to my seat in the van."

"you made a mistake! You shouldn't have done that. What would happen if he try to outrage you? That too you are in a new or unknown place !. ", I asked.

“Yes you are right.! i still remember those words. he was shouting like anything.”

“Hey asha. Do you think that you are the beautiful gal in this world? If i am not going to get you, then i swear, no one either gets you. I will f**k you!!!” vinoth strangled.

“I was so irritated by those rubbish words. all other mates and teachers surrounded him, and took away from my van to the other traveler van.” Asha added.

“ohh.. this is an absurd.”, i responded.

“But i never worried about him. i least bothered how he comes and what he spoke and where he went. i know how to safe guard myself from others.!!!” asha bittered saying this.

Its already 1:30 pm. i know we both were so tired or atleast asha definitely needed a nap. But she was quite unrest and also her flashback was a bitter one.

“Asha. you need some rest now. can we go to bed. ooops..sorry.. u can take that quilt and pillow.”

“Good night asha.” i said.

“Yeah karthik. good night” asha said.

Then we went asleep. Amidst after we slept, a quirky voice i heard. but i just didnt bothered as its quite usual in the deep forest with the resemblance of waving trees and creeping animals.

Tuck! Tuck!! Tuck!!!, my front door quirked…”Hey come out”.. unanimous voice

Asha woke up. she is trying to wake me, but i wasn’t picking up, since in deep sleep.

“Karthik.. karthik.. wake up. some one was shouting out. please wake up karthik..” asha trembled me.

“Heeeyyy.. wYouu.. whwooo is thaaatt” slowly opened up my bedsheet and saw. asha was trying to wake me up..

“What happen asha. any problem” slowly asked her.

“Yeah karthik. someone is shouting out asking to open up..i doubt on that vinoth might have..” she squired me.

“Whaattt.. Vinothh….??? wait let me seee…”i softed her.

I slowly went forward. asha was just beholding behind me and panting my shoulder. i turned aside and said. “Hey asha. don’t worry. .be cool.i m here right, huh?”

I just opened up the door to an small angle and was checking up who was there as per asha’s. To my surprise, there was….No one standing. Oouch. “No one was here asha.“

She too joined me and we came out and was searching for someone. i just went to the left side of my hut to search for. when i return back i saw asha was totally confused.

I went to her and relaxed her softly.”Hey asha, no one is here. you might have dreamt off”. The scary already left out of this place. so,you dont have to worry.” I also added “I m here for you. “

She came and hugged and ….

"... After visiting some more sites we went back to our room" asha whispered.

Though I wasn't happy because of the worsen happening in the day, I wanted some wall to lie on and make me warmth. Asha added...

I don’t want to make her more uncomfortable by asking damnly "why don’t you share with your boy friend" and parallelly I wished she shouldn’t have a one.

My mobile was ringing" "

I picked and said “ hello , this is Karthik..”

“Give the phone to her “ is what I heard from other end.

I asked “to whom and who are you?”

On the other end “ I wanted to talk to asha.” I heard.

But sir, still you haven’t said who you are!” is what I answered to the unknown.

Asha came close to me and she is holding my right hand shoulder around and asked “karthik, who is that?”

“cool dear. Its a wrong call from some cheap unknown” I said and I feel the touch of asha’s spree getting more tighter in my hand and she lied her face on my shoulder ...

I guess she feels more warmer now.

My unknown call disruptly got disconnected.

I continued asha asking what had happened later that evening(the day before yesterday)

“I never asked what happened to vinoth post everyone pulled him out from my vehicle ....” asha replied.

She also added”i slept that night early without even having my dinner”

“hmm... So what happened yesterday then?”

My curiosity increased since last day she was being missed.

“We all woke up yesterday morning. It was so pleasant outside as my roommates wanted to take some snaps with fresh rose petals bathed up in slight drizzles.”

“I thought myself. Lazy roommates. They haven’t looked up asha’s rosy face which is more competent than flower petals “

My Sony audio system was playing “Ilaiya nilaa.Pozhikirathey...Idayangalai nanaikirathey...”

(means: little moon showers on young’s heart...)

"Though not exactly, I feel the pinch of lyrics and tunes of Ilaiyaraja sir music"

She continued ”we had started for the day. We are having our breakfast. Unfortunately its a big dining table where everyone was out there for breakfast “

I asked “Was he too there?”

“yes. But I haven’t seen him and I don’t want either. I went to take my food items. I saw vinoth coming close to take the same dosai where I was standing”she said after a pause.

“oh.. What happened. Did he misbehaved again ?” I interrupted .

“Even I too expect that he might do that when he came closer. I kept unnoticed. But things happened different “ she narrated.

“what!.. What went different ?” I quicken her.

“After I took my dosai and vada (these duo is famous for South Indian break fast), I turned back and walked towards my seat. Vinoth too followed me to take adjacent seat next to me”

“he started saying "I m Extremely Sorry...” to me she said ...

“but I haven’t responded anything to him. He again asked sorry for his yesterday’s behavior. And also he added he felt very bad by behaving so bad to a gal, that too his beloved gal in the world” she said.

“i thought myself. Quite a same dialogue(bolded and italized above) from a guy to his "N"th gal in the universe!!! ;)”

She added “then I said. Ok . Leave it.. I excuse you. See, we are all friends. In what way I made you to love me?. If in case you take my friendship in that way I m sorry to have being that much friendly. And I will keep a distance to you hereafter and being just like a second hand friend" “

“oh.. Pretty a gals dialogue to a guy whom they don’t like to love and very famous and safer dialogue of escaping” I smirked myself...

I asked asha” what he said for that?” and I reminded myself not to provoke her my love first...

“he pretended as if he is listening” she told.

She then added” then I left him saying see you after finished eating breakfast. Then we started for site seeing. “

[I m feeling sleepy. let me continue this. Not to asha.. to you guys. wait for more]

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